Gun Tattoo

Earlier, outlaws used to carry guns so that they could break the law and do criminal activities. With their guns, they were able to perform their actions, knowing that they had in their hands something that could help them fight others. It is commonly used by men in uniform now. People believe that the gun tattoo will keep them secure and well protected.

gun tattoos

Many people relate gun tattoos to aggression and wickedness. It is indeed true that some gun tattoos represent gangs and aggression, but not all of them. The gun tattoo has both positive and negative implications. It can represent protection, strength, power, authority, security and honor; it can mean vengeance, danger or evil also. It is a weapon that can radically change a person’s life and fill it with pain. People get this tattoo as a reminder of a painful past incident. Rather than actually pulling the trigger, they choose to brand their skin with the gun tattoo.

Gun tattoos are usually done in shades of gray, silver, or black in most cases. They are usually inked on the arms, back and legs. One popular location among men and women is on the sides of the stomach. This gives the impression of a gun in a belt.

Image Courtesy I Love Tattoo

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