Graffiti tattoos

Graffiti is the term given to any drawing, sketch or painting made in a public place. Contrary to popular belief, graffiti date back thousands of years to the ancient times of Greeks and Romans. Graffiti tattoos, also known as urban tattoos, are popular among both men and women. These tattoos, like the graffiti on walls, include variations of words, elements and symbols with innumerable combinations of colors.

Graffiti Tattoos

Graffiti may be illegal on private property but it is sheer beauty. Therefore people get themselves a graffiti tattoo to generate that same awe inspiring beauty on them. Even though such tattoos are mere art forms with no hidden meaning, they can hold certain symbolic significance for some. The implication of a graffiti tattoo may lie in the portrayal of the design in it. Some may get their child’s name inked as a sign of a deep bond while some may draw a heart to symbolize love.

A word of caution for all graffiti tattoo lovers: a graffiti may look hip and cool on the wall, but the same may not be said for it once it is inked on your body. Make sure to fully comprehend the meaning of that beautiful graffiti on the wall before deciding to get branded with it.

Image Courtesy Galleria Blog

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