Get scanned with the Bar-code Tattoo

The bar-code tattoos are the most on demand these days. Getting your self scanned at the departmental store or any where else can be a fun idea. You need to consider several factors while going for the bar-code tattoos, like your skin, the number of lines in the tattoo, the thickness of the line etc. All these factors let you have the finest bar-code tattoo that can be scanned easily.

Bar-code Tattoo

These tattoos are best done temporary, but yes they do wither out with time. So the sticker needs to be taken care of too. As these tattoos are the combination of black and white, if by any chance the black ink spills over the white, it can ruin the tattoo. We also recommend the best place to get the bar-code tattoo is a flat surface like your back.

You can customize your bar-code tattoo by choosing your word and symbols for it. The tattoo language that allows you this is called Code 128. A good choice would be a small three letter code may be your initials or the initials of your loved ones. Or may be you can experiment with six numerical, your birth date with year. You can also use split meaning in your barcode like the alphabets and numerical!

Image courtesy Zeitgeist Movement

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