Geisha Tattoos

These tattoos are not in the mainline tattoos but these are very popular in the Japanese culture. As these tattoos are very detailed they are tattooed as a larger size tattoo. The Geisha is a lady that stands for mystery and beauty. This lady wears a black mask with a black wig and is draped in a kimono.

She is a lady who is trained professionally and her profession is to entertain men. However, she should not be mistake for prostitution. They used singing, dancing and music to entertain men. They were very good to have a conversation with as they had a very good knowledge about Japanese history. They were a center of attraction for the tea parties and other cultural events.


These ladies represent power, conspiracy and the mystery of the woman. According to the Japanese culture she is believed to be concealed from the society and is untouchable. She represents dreams, aspirations, desire and ambitions of the individuals. The Geisha is associated with the color red as the color represents fertility.

Both Japanese men and women are known to wear this lady on their bodies. In the current Japanese culture she is symbolic of culture. We suggest for imprinting the actual beauty of Geisha search for a very skilled tattoo artist.

Image courtesy Full Tattoo

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