Ganesh Tattoo

Ganesh Tattoo or the elephant god tattoos are very popular in India. Ganesh is an Indian God worshiped and prayed all across the country. The tattoo is specific to a religion too, Hinduism, however many who are not Hindus too love to wear it because of the significance and symbolism they carry.


Considered as the Lord of Success and Destroyer of Hindrances both material and spiritual, Ganesha is the deity of Everyman. The god is also associated with scholarship and commerce, Ganesha is revered throughout Asia and in Indian communities around the world. The one who wears these tattoos consider that luck would be on their side and a job stuck for a long time would be made easy with his blessings and the luck he brings along.

The tattoo can be simple with just a few strokes, the color remains black and the size is small. To add some spunk you can opt for a few colors. A lot of individuals go only for the head of the deity instead of the whole body. Others go for the entire body in the actual bejeweled way it is worshiped in India and its people. Which ever way you choose to get inked, we are sure that the tattoo would look good.

Image courtesy Style Craze

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