Footprint tattoo

People wear tattoos to showcase a sense of their individual life and style. Some tattoos depict our love for someone or something special. A footprint tattoo, if delved upon, can reveal new vista of meaning. Its popularity has gained momentum over the years.

Footprint Tattoo

Footprints, in prehistoric times, signified the presence of other human beings and suggested travel and tracking when found on the landscape. The footprint tattoo, in stark contrast to the handprint, is always inked in pairs or in a series of steps.

One of the most common reasons to get a footprint tattoo is to commemorate the birth of a child and cherish the feeling by having the baby’s footprint drawn on the parents’ body. Some parents tattoo themselves with their deceased baby’s footprint to keep it as a memory. Some people have a series of footprints on their body to signify a growing family with kids. When footprints are not drawn parallel to each other, but one ahead of the other, it signifies the journey of our life. We also have a variation of the footprint tattoo in the form of the Buddha footprint tattoo where all the toes of the feet are of the same length. Get yourself tattooed with the footprints of your loved ones and cherish them for a lifetime.

Image Courtesy Slodive

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