Floral Tattoos

Floral symbols have been in existence ever since humans have learned to appreciate the beauty of flowers. These tattoos are mainly worn by women; men usually prefer to get rose tattoos. In fact, many floral tattoos represent femininity. These tattoos come in an infinite range of designs, colors and meaning. There are many different cultures that believe flowers are a sign of rebirth. Some cultures also believed that flowers are associated with the sun and life. Some ancient cultures also believed that flowers symbolized that God was pleased.


The symbolism varies according to the type of flower and meanings range from protection, to love, to warnings, to wealth, to life, to victory, to marriage, to death, to youth, to vitality and so on. Floral tattoos can include the rose, orchid, hibiscus, lily, and lotus. Nearly all flowers have some kind of symbolic meanings associated with it. Use of colors also signifies the meaning of floral tattoos, which can be diverse. Red may signify bloodshed or vitality; white may signify innocence, love or even death; blue can symbolize secrecy, loyalty or devotion. Therefore, if someone is considering a floral, make sure to fully understand what the flower represents before getting it tattooed.

Image Courtesy Tattoo How

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