Feather Tattoos

The feather tattoos are rich, colorful and bold and have a great history and significance attached to it. We suggest before you pick your feather know the bird that it belongs to and make sue you know the symbolism behind it.

Some of the feather tattoos are chosen for their vibrant hues while if you choose a single tattoo to get inked it may symbolize luck, birth or even loss. Feather tattoos are often associated with tribes and clans too. Let us take a look at the feather of which bird symbolizes what:

  • Owl: The Owl symbolizes mystery and intelligence. Hence their feathers make for a wise selection.
  • Peacock: Their tattoos are much in demand for their vibrant hues. Apart from this they speak of rebirth and renewal. They also talk about holiness and pride.

Feather Tattoo

  • Eagle: Mostly worn by the people of United States to speak about their freedom and bravery.
  • Phoenix: According to the Greeks it represents promise to the eternal life.
  • Seagull: The wings of these birds bring across the message to fly high across your doubts and believe in yourself.

With these birds to choose from we are sure you would be able to pick just the right feather tattoo for yourself.

Image Courtesy Wak tattoos

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