Fairy tattoo

Fairies have had a long history within western wisdom and religions. The belief in fairies and elfin-like creatures of the forest dates back centuries into ancient times. People in the early ages believed that fairies were free spirits that would fly around the earth gifting presents to those who had done good activities and troubling those who had not been so good hearted.


The supple and brilliant symbolism that can be expressed in fairy tattoos makes them a very popular choice especially among women. They can express beauty, sadness and pure femininity. Fairy tattoos can act as an alter ego, representing an emotion or attitude that the person wishes to depict. A cute fairy tattoo might express feelings of joy and generosity for the world. Fairies symbolize luck for the wearer and passes good vibes to others. But there is an exception in the form of dark fairies which might portray a sexier and lustful side of life.

One of the great things about these tattoos is their flexibility. They can be done in a wide variety of sizes and can easily fit almost any part of the body. Most often they are placed on the stomach, lower back, hips, ankle or foot. They can really be placed anywhere and can also be incorporated into a beautiful full sleeve tattoo.

Image Courtesy Fairy Gathering

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