Eye tattoos

Eyes don’t lie, or so they say. That’s why it is believed that eyes are the windows of our soul. The existence of the eye tattoo has been from time immemorial. Both men and women have been found to wear this tattoo ever since.

Eye Tattoo

Various interpretations of the eye tattoo can be found through cultures and ages. In Christianity, the Eye tattoo represents the omnipresence of God over the faithful. In Egypt, the Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection and life. Then we have the “third eye” depicted in the forehead of Lord Shiva in the Hindu mythology which refers to the spiritual or intuitive eye that peers into the soul of humans within a cosmic perspective. Some also believe that the eye foretells the future through prophesies.

The eye tattoo can be designed in numerous styles. We have the simple yet standard looking eye. Some opt for the tribal or Egyptian style of eye; some draw eye tattoos with long lashes and an ever gazing stare. Animal eyes, especially cat eyes, are a preferred choice for many tattoo lovers. An eye tattoo can mean so much – life, focus, prophesy, protection, intelligence, soul, vision, clarity – that you are spoilt for choice when you embellish yourself with this beauty of a tattoo.

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