Explore the finest Capricorn Tattoos

Sun sign tattoos are catching the trend and are soon becoming popular. People love to wear their sun sign tattoo and flaunt it. Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign of the twelve. The symbol shows a creature that has the upper body of the goat and the lower body of sea creature very similar to a mermaid.


The tattoo created can be a combination of glyph, image or both. It depends on the person who is going to get inked the design they wish to showcase. The Capricorn glyph looks like the capital V and has a looped tail. The front V portion depicts the body of the goat and the looped part of the tail forms the sea creature – mermaid.

The Capricorn is the element of the earth that is ruled by the sun. People with Capricorn personality are healthy, ambitious and very often take a challenging path to reach their goals. The tattoo artists suggest that a simple goat is just passable for encrypting the tattoo. Once who wishes to adorn the Capricorn beauty should go for the art that portrays the goat-fish or the sea-goat, this becomes more symbolic and authentic. So are all the Capricorns game to carry this tattoo on them!!

Image Courtesy Tattoo Meanings  

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