Evil Tattoos

Good and evil have co-existed since time immemorial. Man has always been torn between the conflicting choice of the easy evil or the difficult good. Even though tattoos have been considered evil and pagan by the Christian faith, the modern era of body art beg to differ. Tattoos have a huge fan following, and evil tattoos have carved a niche for themselves among their fans.

evil tattoos

Evil tattoos come in a variety of imagery: Satan, devil, demon, evil, dark, black, death, witch, bone, skull, darkness and many more. More often than not, evil tattoos are drawn along with images of goodness – fairy, angels, saints, Jesus, etc. These juxtaposed tattoos depict the inner conflict of man between good and evil. The most common colors used in evil tattoos are black and red – supposedly colors of the Devil.

Evil tattoos are commonly drawn on the arm, chest and back. They generate a sense of fear and intimidation, but tattoo aficionados don’t seem averse to this sentiment. Although these tattoos look menacing, they are unique also. Not many can carry an evil tattoo with élan. If we ignore the religious sentiment in them, evil tattoos are great works of art to appreciate and flaunt.

Image Courtesy Tattoo Jockey

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