Easy and pain free Ballpoint pen tattoos

Yes you heard it right, cool tattoos can be painted using a ballpoint pen too!!! As a child you would have drawn a lot on your body using a ballpoint pen, but this art has been further beautified to resemble a funky tattoo. They are applied in a very similar way to that of the traditional tattoos. The artists create an outline of the tattoo on the body part that has to be exposed to the tattoo. Then using the ballpoint pen the tattoo is brought to life. Ample of colors can be thrown in too to make the art look colorful and bright.


The wearing away of the tattoo is left at the discretion of the one adorning it. It can fade away with time or can be scrubbed away from the body as desired to give way to a new drawing. The ink in the ballpoint tattoos is modified a little to suit the skin, so that it does not cause any chemical reaction or allergies. These tattoos are easy to wear and show off as they are less time consuming and pain free. So, what are you waiting for, go for the ballpoint pen tattoos and enthrall your peers.

Image Courtesy Wikipedia and All Tattoo Ideas

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