Dragonfly Tattoo

The vividly colorful dragonfly is a sight to behold when it is fluttering through the wind or musing over its own reflection in the water. How we wish to rise high & fly free like the dragonfly in all its glory! Instead we can settle for the next best thing – a dragonfly tattoo – to remind us of its awe inspiring beauty and freedom. The dragonfly tattoo has been in vogue since the 1990s with both men & especially women because of the different symbolic meanings associated with it.

Dragonfly Tattoo

The life of a dragonfly begins in and around water; then it ventures forth into the air. Hence a dragonfly tattoo symbolizes metamorphosis and the feeling of comfort associated with the change. The Native Americans believed that the dragonfly had the power to hold the souls of the dead and it also symbolized inspiration to follow dreams. The Japanese believe the dragonfly to be a symbol of happiness, strength and courage. When the dragonfly flies through the sunshine, it radiates the beautifully varied hues of the rainbow through its wings. This makes it a symbol of beauty as well.

Thus, if you want purity of the soul, prosperity, good luck, strength, peace and harmony, go ahead and get inked with a dragonfly tattoo.

Image Courtesy Dragonfly Tattoos

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