Dove Tattoo

The dove, as we all know, has been a very prevalent symbol throughout the ages. It is a very popular choice for a tattoo among both men and especially women. The most recurring symbolism of dove is that of love and peace often depicted through the lifelong devotion between two doves.

dove tattoo

In the Christian belief, the dove is often featured along with Jesus and Mother Mary. Therefore it represents faith in its purest form. According to the legend of King Arthur, it represents the attributes of the Holy Grail. The Greek and Roman mythology refers the dove to symbols of peace and harmony. Even in the Aztec mythology we find the dove representing their goddess of love Xochiquetzal. The dove has also been a symbol of motherhood. Coupled with an olive branch, the dove can symbolize victory and success. The dove tattoo can also be drawn along with the heart design.

With an infinite array of symbolism and meaning, the dove tattoo can be drawn in an equal variety of sizes, almost anywhere on the body. Women prefer this tattoo on the stomach, back, sides and ankles. Men prefer this tattoo on the back, shoulders, upper arms and legs. Some prefer the tattoo in black while some add color to it.

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