Devil Tattoos

We all know that the devil is the absolute personification of everything evil. Wearing an imprint of the devil takes a lot of guts. People who prefer wearing a devil tattoo clearly states the ‘devil may care’ attitude. Usually people who believe in the black arts, the occult or the pagan gods have significance of the devil in their religion. But that does not mean that a wearer of the devil tattoo believes in the same. He or she may get a devil tattoo simply for the sheer artistic beauty in it.

Devil Tattoo

Devil tattoos are inked in various designs and are often found with other images of skulls, ghosts, skeletons, etc. Usually drawn with a base of black ink, artists have made improvements by including various colors to augment the grotesque beauty of the devil. Red is the other predominant color used in devil tattoos.

Before deciding to get a devil tattoo, one must be ready to face the curious and sometimes judging gaze of onlookers. A devil tattoo may not mean the same everywhere. Even with its negative connotation, devil tattoos have hidden sexual meanings, often with underlying gay orientation. Others believe this tattoo is for people who may cross all boundaries to seek forbidden pleasure.

Image Courtesy Tattoo Devil

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