Day Of The Dead Tattoos

Popularly referred to as Halloween in America, the Day of the Dead is a holiday that allows you to take time out for those who have fallen before us – it is a day of remembering all the family members, friends and other people who you loved dearly.

Day Of The Dead Tattoos

One this day people chose to get tattooed with the names of the loved ones who they lost over the years. Apart from the names people across cultures get a portrayed tattoo too of their loved ones. Some of the common symbols used in the day of the dead tattoos are:-

  • A group of skeletons in celebration mode
  • Brightly colored and ethereal skulls
  • Bandoleros
  • Bread, called “pan de muerto”
  • Wine and some other spirits
  • A face that is half of flesh and half skull to symbolize the ongoing life cycle

These tattoos mostly comprise of skulls as the Aztecs believed that the human skeleton is symbolic of the inner self of the human being. Hence, the day of the dead tattoos, paintings, murals etc. always show the skulls/skeleton dancing, having fun, singing, eating, relishing good wine and experiencing all joys of live that one should.

Image Courtesy Wak Tattoos

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