Daisy Tattoo

Most of us remember daisy as the flower with which we decided the fate of our love for someone during our innocent childhood days. A vibrant colorful flower with layers of petals, the daisy is often associated with pure cleanliness. With its varied hues in over 20,000 species, the daisy tattoo is a favorite among the female tattoo lovers. The most common of them comes with a yellow centre and white petals on the tattoo.

daisy tattoo

The daisy has been around for more than 4000 years and hence has great significance through cultures and mythologies. In Christianity the daisy signifies the chastity, purity and grace of Mother Mary. In renaissance art, infant Christ has been represented by the daisy. In Norse mythology, the daisy is symbolic of their goddess of love Freya. From the Roman myth of Vertumnus (god of gardens, seasons & agriculture) and Belides (a nymph) the west has gleaned symbolism of transformation, chastity and simplicity.

With its vast imagery, the daisy tattoo finds a place among its lovers in various shades. Usually with a black outline, the daisy tattoo comes in shades of red, blue, violet, pink and yellow representing innocence, youthful vigor, intelligence, joy or a bold attitude.

Image Courtesy Tattoobite

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