Crow Tattoos

The idea of branding oneself with an image of a crow can be revolting to many, because we correlate the crow with negativity and uncleanness. But if we delve deeper into the history of mankind, we can find a surprisingly different symbolism of the crow.

Crow Tattoo

From ancient ages, the crow was considered to be a symbol of power, protector, spirit guide or god. It was considered to be a symbol of transformation, secrecy and elegance as well. According to mythology, the crow was revered for its intelligence and concern for humans. According to Japanese and Scandinavian culture, the crow is considered a messenger of the gods. But we also find conflicting views about the crow. The Bible describes the crow to be unclean. In recent times, the crow has been associated with death, for no apparent reason. We may surmise the negative connotation of the crow mainly from its food habit – scavenging the dead.

No matter what omen – good or bad – the crow tattoo might bring, one thing is guaranteed. It will generate a lot of controversy and usher the wearer of the crow tattoo into the limelight for showing the guts to get such a tattoo. Hence a crow tattoo itself instills courage and proves to be a good omen, after all.

Image Courtesy Tattoos Time

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