Colorful and invigorating Airbrush tattoos

Airbrush tattoos are a rage when it comes to temporary tattooing. They are imprinted on the skin using a stencil using an air brush; they can be colorful and bright. These were the finds of the makeup artists to paint tattoos on the artists to suit the diverse characters they portray. These used to save time as the actor could shower and change after the shoot but the tattoo stayed. The next day when they resumed the shoot the tattoo would be still there, saving time to redo it.


These tattoos generally last for two to seven days. As they are short-lived it is advisable to wear them on the body part that sweats less for example the outer part of your arm. Airbrush tattoos will last longer on the person with dry skin as the oils tend to rub away the tattoo. To keep it longer it advisable to not scrub yourself while bathing. Massage the tattoo with baby powder or a mild talcum powder as an after care, this will help the tattoo last longer.

To reach the closest to the permanent tattoo we recommend an airbrush tattoo. So go ahead and have fun experimenting with a new tattoo each week!!!

Image courtesy Canadian Entertainers

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