Clown tattoos

We all have, at some point of time or the other, been mesmerized by the silly antics of clowns. Their funny charm has worked on us even when we have crossed into adulthood. It is, therefore, no surprise that many of us opt for a Clown tattoo to keep the child in us intact.

Clown Tattoo

When we think of clowns, a funny image comes to our minds. But in the world of tattoos, the clown comes in a variety of emotions. We have the usual happy clown tattoo, joker clown tattoo and jester clown tattoo. But exceptions like sad clown tattoos and scary clown tattoos also exist. These exceptional tattoos have a shock and awe effect and are cool to show off.

Traditional clown tattoos come in fun colors of red, orange, blue, white, yellow, green, purple, brown, grey and black. But emphasis must be put on dark shadowing with black, grey and purple. Small clown tattoos can be drawn anywhere in the shoulder, chest, forearm, lower leg or ankle. Larger images of clowns can adorn the upper arm, upper back, upper leg, chest and waist. However, make sure you conceal the scary clown tattoos from children. Go ahead, get a clown tattoo. It is fun.

Image Courtesy Taringa

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