Cancer tattoos designs and meaning

The fourth sign in the row of the zodiac signs is ruled by the moon. According to the mythology, Cancer played a part with Hercules. It is believed that when the half God was fighting with Hydra, Hera had sent Cancer (the crab) to distract him.


The chanceries are perceived to be emotional and calm people. They would rather stay cozy and comfortable home than explore the outer world. They care about their close associates and hide their feelings from them to avoid causing trouble for them.

They believe in long term relationships, hence are very loyal in any relationship. When they are at their worst they can be dark, introvert and withdraw into themselves. They are not easily offended or hurt but if hurt they do not forget easily and tend to carry grudges a long way. A cancer has a good sense of humor and is hugely popular amongst their friends.   

When getting inked with the cancer tattoo you can opt for the name itself or the symbol or maybe the glyph. If you speak to the tattoo artist he/she may customize the design or the symbol for you. So now that you know the meaning of the tattoo, are you ready to be inked!

Image courtesy Tatuajes

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