Bull Tattoo

The bull has always been a symbol of raw masculine energy. In the form of body art, bull tattoos are very manly and mostly worn by men. Over the ages, the bull has been honored by cultures for being well gifted and for its ability to please its mate. For eons, bulls have toiled with men to make the untamed land arable for produce and harvest. The bull tattoo can help us remember our beautiful and productive liaison with the animal kingdom in order to meet our needs.

Bull Tattoo

The bull is present in the zodiac calendar as the Taurus symbol. It is symbolic of steadiness, calmness, self-confidence, potency and supreme strength. They can be stubborn and are not easily influenced or cowered. Ask any matador about it. In Chinese astrology the bull represents attributes of consistency, calmness, faithfulness and willpower.

Bull tattoos come in various designs like tribal bull, raging bull, angry bull, Taurus bull, Celtic bull, bull skull etc. The right choice of bull tattoo can be a body art you’ll be proud of for years to come.  Bull tattoos are usually done in shades of white, black, brown, and chocolate. These tattoos can have extreme effects; they either have a peaceful appearance or an intensely mad look.

Image Courtesy Tattoo Bite

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