Biker Tattoos

Bikers are free-spirited people who love to ride the long way down the road, with the cool breeze washing over their face. And they get their love for bikes evident by branding themselves with a biker tattoo. The general misconception about this tattoo is that it is often misconstrued to be a prison or gang tattoo, thus having serious negative impact on the common gentry. People unaware of the tattoo culture or the true Americana biker’s spirit often perceive biker tattoos to be for outcasts and outlaws.

biker tattoo

A biker tattoo simply means that its wearer a bike enthusiast. Biker tattoos are not restricted to serious bikers. People with normal day jobs can also get a biker tattoo just because they love riding bikes as a hobby. Though predominantly male, the biker tattoo is also worn by women to show their love for someone who is a bike enthusiast.

Biker tattoos can range from the logo of a bike company to skulls and bones in various designs or a skeleton riding a fiery bike. In truth, this tattoo is for the rebel in each one of us, waiting to break free the shackles of rules and regulations and ride into the twilight of our life.

Image Courtesy Tattoos Hunt

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