Bear Tattoo

Our imagination is restricted to the cuddly cute teddies we see commercialized all over the world as the true image of bears. But in truth, bears are far more significant and hold a lot of symbolic meaning throughout cultures. The Kodiak bear, the polar bear, the black bear and the grizzly are some of the types of bears found all over the world as well as with tattoo lovers.

Bear Tattoo

According to the Shamans of North America, the bear is symbolic of a warrior protective about its clan or tribe, thus showing characteristics of strength, bravery and power to withstand opposition. Many North American tribes, like the Pueblo and the Sioux Indians, believe the bear is sacred and possesses the power of healing. The bear finds a place in astronomy as the She-Bear in Ursa Major, according to ancient Egyptian and Greek mythos.

Tattoo lovers get various designs inspired by the bear. Some use the bear paw print as a tattoo. Some also opt for a bear with her cubs as a tattoo image, thus symbolizing a nurturing motherly nature. Modern interpretation of the bear in sports is a common form of tattoo art also. Cartoon bear cubs are equally famous too.

Image courtesy Tattoobite

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