Baseball Tattoos

Being the national sport in the U.S.A., baseball is a common sight to behold with baseball players and enthusiasts, especially as baseball tattoos. Baseball fans show their solidarity for their favorite team or player by getting images of the team logo or player inked on their body. Some fans show their love for the game itself by getting the traditional baseball tattoo of a round ball with stitches in it, generally in black ink.

Baseball Tattoo

Even though we have the traditional baseball tattoo, various innovative alterations have emerged over the years. Some fans get a team logo as a tattoo to show their allegiance. Some combine the usual baseball with images of fire, ladybugs and plants to form a visual treat. There are fans who consider a baseball tattoo to be part of their family culture. Some fans push up the hotness quotient by getting a tattoo of a well endowed woman with a baseball bat.

Whatever the image baseball lovers choose to flaunt, they should be careful to select it. Passing trends and fads are a common source of inspiration for tattoos, but getting a tattoo itself is not such a passing idea. It is more permanent in nature. So be wise to avoid latest trends and settle for a more stable baseball tattoo.

Image Courtesy Tattoo Mojo

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