Awesome temporary tattoos using fragrant Heena/Mehendi

A temporary tattoo or a non permanent tattoo is the work of art on the body that resembles the real tattoo and beautifies the body part. The most common temporary tattoo is created on the palms of the women using heena.

A custom typically followed in the South Asian countries, heena is the paste of leaves (dried or fresh) used to create designs on hands and feet. Although the paste of the leaves was used traditionally the modern times sees the modified version of heena found readymade in the stores. Mehendi is habitually applied during the Indian weddings both by the bride and the groom.

It symbolizes the love between the husband and the wife. The darker the color it leaves behind the stronger the bond between the couple. Not only during the weddings are some very popular Indian festivals too are ushered by applying Mehendi on the palms. Heena became popular in the Indian subcontinent due to its cooling effect during summers. Due to its cooling and conditioning effect the hair stylists refer it as a hair conditioner too.

The love for heena tattoos keeps growing and so does the demand for the artists. We recommend you try this tattoo to get the feel of the beautified palms or feet.


Image courtesy Design You Trust

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