Attractive flower tattoos for Women

Women love flowers and anything associated with flowers, so the flower tattoos become symbolic for women. Flowers can be used very artistically to be replicated on a body and can be symbolic too. They can symbolize peace, love, affection, healing and hoard of other emotions.


The most commonly tattooed flower is the rose, for it signifies love and affection. Almost all across the world people love the flower and associate it with lovers. A lot of women choose to associate themselves with darker messages and hence choose flowers accordingly. Like the Poppy and Anemone represent death but are still commonly found on women.

Another flower that is catching up in the tattoo business is the Hydrangea. The flower symbolizes beauty and grows in a bush. This flower has an enchanting quality that it blooms in several colors. Like red, blue and indigo. They bloom in hundreds and take a shape of small ball  in a variety of colors making the view divine.

Flowers have known to be favorites amongst the women since ages. Women use them to adorn themselves and also love them as gifts from people. Yet another way a flower has found its way to a woman’s heart is through this amazing art – tattoo.

Image courtesy All Tattoo Ideas

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