Astounding tribal tattoos from Philippines detonated

A country rich in its cultural heritage and achievements dwells in the continent of Asia named Philippines. The country has numerous tribes living on its land and each tribe is demarcated by the tattoos they have on their bodies. So the each tribe has a symbolic tattoo inscribed on each of its tribe members.

The men choose to imbibe the tattoo on their chest to showcase valor and the women prefer the tattoos on their wrist or arm to accentuate their beauty. The designs form Filipino tribes were never available for the common public until the elders of the tribes intervened and made them public to witness the mystic art on others skin too. The tribes feel that these sacred are not just for fashion but are to better understand their culture and carry the legacy on by being spiritually connected with their roots.

The Filipino work of art has spread across the world like wild fire. For most of them the meaning may not be more important than the design but still they wear the tattoos with élan. The most popular design is the design of the sun, but it is an individual’s choice to choose the design they want to wear like the one you can see below.

Filipino Tribal


Image courtesy One Tribe

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