Areas most suited for women to have tattoos

The ever debated topic, for a woman while getting a tattoo is which body part to tattoo. In this article we try to solve this problem for you:-

inner arm female tattoos1

  1. Nape: Tattoos here are extremely popular and are a fad amongst women. They can be easily flaunted on this part of the body.
  2. Inner Arm: This is an area where it is little easier to get the tattoo because of the cushioning. Tattoos here are hard to miss as this is the most visible part of the body unless you wear a long sleeved shirt.
  3. Shoulder Back: This is the most common area for the tattoo. The best part about this area is you can flaunt the tattoo when wearing an off shoulder dress and hide it when you do not ant to show of your tattoo.
  4. Waist: These tattoos would look best with short tops and shirts. If wearing a saree this is the best palace to flaunt your tattoo and look every bit the star you are.
  5. Feet or Leg: The lower thighs and the area below the knee are also popular amongst women for tattooing. These areas can be flaunted when wearing short dresses and add the extra oomph to the sizzling you!

Image Courtesy Saree Dreams and Art and Madness

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