All About The Tattoos Of Miley Cyrus

The American actress and the recording artist, Miley Cyrus, has all of nineteen tattoos on her body. Her first tattoo was at the age of seventeen, when se got the words ‘Just Breathe’ encrypted on her left ribcage. This tattoo was in honor of her friend Vanessa, who left for the heavenly abode in 2007 due to a lung disease. The tattoo was also a tribute to both her grandfathers who died due to lung cancer.

Miley Cyrus Dreamcatcher Tattoo

To shun away the negative messages and only hear the positive messages Miley got a tattoo that read ‘Love’ on her right ear. On her right hand she has five tattoos, with a small heart on her smallest figure, ‘karma’ written on the index finger and a peace sign on the side of the middle finger. To keep abreast with her Christian beliefs she has a small cross tattoo on her ring finger.

One of the largest tattoos that Miley has is that of a dreamcatcher, something which the Native Americans staunchly believed in. To get a safety feeling Miley got an anchor tattooed on her right hand wrist. She celebrates friendship with a Native American symbol of friendship, a pair of cross arrowed tattoos.

So are you up for any of the tattoos that the actress dons!!!

Image Courtesy Miley Cyrus fashion and Miley Cyrus Fans

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