5 cool spots for men to be tattooed

As much as the women love their tattoos so do the men. Tattoos on men need to cool, funky and talk about them.


Here in this article we help you with 5 coolest body parts for men to be tattooed:-

  1. Chest: Go ahead and flaunt your six packs! This area is best suited for men with fit bodies. Go shirt less to a pool party or that amazing beach party and let the crowd drool over your body art.
  2. Middle of the back: The tattoos here can be flaunted easily and look more masculine. Try it and you will have peers going crazy for it.
  3. Neck: The neck too can be a good area to be inked. It can be easily flaunted and made to look funky by accessorizing it according to the need of the hour.
  4. Biceps: Men with toned biceps and triceps should be game for it. A good crafted tattoo is sure to be a hit on this body part. They can be easily carried with an attitude.
  5. Back: A big tribal pattern on a man’s back is always in demand and a super show-off.

Hope these ideas help you get inked the right way. Happy Tattooing!

Image courtesy Cool Men Tattoos and Slodive

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